Supply Chain Management

Our claim for the optimization of your value chains

Agamus has been succesfully supporting companies in improving their supply chains for 20 years. We think, that the critical factors of success to realize excellent integrated systems, can be classified in the four following categories: processes, organization, technology and employees.

Your topics


Flexible and lean business processes, that have been adequately aligned to the requirements of the client in accordance with the strategic planning, and which merge single elements of the supply chain, to integrate corporate processes.


Process-oriented, organizational structures with a high level of interaction between the departments, as well as creating internal and external interfaces, with well-defined regulations regarding goals, tasks and responsibilities.


To make the full use of existing information systems as well as the generated information from ERP and AP systems as strategic resource.


On the one hand employee orientation by systematical involvement in processes of change as well as personnel development and job enrichment; on the other hand management, based on state-of-the-art management techniques, within a learning organization.

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