Advanced S&OP

Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning

Agamus has many years of experience in the field of sales, inventory and operations planning and has completed a large number of very successful projects. We have further developed the classic S&OP approach and can efficiently integrate the simulation of what-if scenarios into your S&OP process. Agamus supports your company in the transformation to an efficient and holistic supply chain.

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) consists of a bundle of processes and control loops to synchronise all areas of the company. Agamus has developed Advanced S&OP from the possibilities of digitalisation, scenario simulation and intelligent processing of data. The flow of information and data is accelerated, and the necessary data is available for decision-making in a comprehensive manner. Advanced S&OP is therefore very closely linked to Integrated Business Planning.

The processes of S&OP planning aim at simultaneously taking into account and evaluating the relevant medium- and long-term influencing factors, and thus acting proactively.

Both Sales and Operations of the individual product or business units prepare the different planning levels with a high degree of transparency and agree on a joint plan. This is then approved by top management.

The success factors for an efficient and at the same time reassured supply chain are the appropriate SCM roles and responsibilities, processes, data and information as well as the end-to-end view of the supply chain. With today's computing power, different scenarios can be simulated in Advanced S&OP in order to optimally fulfil the SCM goals.

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