Production Planning

Production Control & Materials Management

Agamus redesigns production planning and control as well as materials management and aligns them clearly with corporate goals. We optimise your processes in terms of efficiency, adherence to schedules, throughput times, inventories and costs.

As an important core process of the supply chain, production planning balances available resources on the one hand and inventories, costs and lead times on the other. In order to react to the increased number of volatile influencing factors, efficient and agile planning has become an increasingly important success criterion.

Using modern tools of digital supply chain planning, we ensure that production smoothing and levelling leads to a continuous material flow in production or assembly. Together with an optimised material flow control, the availability of material can be secured while minimising production and storage costs.

The close integration of production planning and material availability checks calms production and increases the efficiency of the resources used. Inventories are geared towards reacting to possible process disruptions in production planning at short notice. Material flow-oriented processes and the associated organisation support efficiency.

The improvement of production processes is oriented towards the value stream and the actual bottlenecks. In the optimised value stream design, control and decoupling points are defined and throughput times and idle times are reduced with the inclusion of suitable scheduling logics.

In order to obtain transparency over the entire planning and control process regarding bottlenecks and material availability, the use of key figures and visualisations is useful.  We recommend the use of graphical and digital planning tools. The implementation of planning is supported and sustainably ensured by shop floor management.

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