Perfect Order Fulfilment

Perfect order fulfilment is the necessary prerequisite for a successful business relationship. With Agamus, you optimise your order fulfilment to increase delivery reliability along the entire order-to-delivery chain. The goal is the sustainable and reliable achievement of the planned on-time delivery.

The variety of influences on the order-to-delivery process often leads to inefficient processes, high personnel costs, disruption of supply chains, lack of transparency, poor delivery reliability and thus to reduced customer satisfaction as well as high costs.

The goal of Perfect Order Fulfilment is to achieve the agreed level of fulfilment of the customer's delivery requirements. This is composed of optimal service, delivery time, adherence to schedules and quantities as well as delivery quality. Agamus supports you in achieving these goals. We improve communication interfaces between different areas, define responsibilities, reduce non-value-added activities and create transparency in the IT systems throughout the entire order fulfilment process. In doing so, we optimise bottlenecks in order fulfilment by taking a holistic view of the process as well as the interfaces and help to determine reliable delivery dates.

To identify opportunities, monitor and improve processes, Agamus creates the necessary transparency by means of process mining and key figures.  In this way, we strengthen your customers' loyalty to your company and increase your ratings as a supplier.

Perfect Order Fulfilment is closely interlinked with other fields of action in supply chain management, such as S&OP, production planning and control, IT integration and an efficient cross-departmental process-oriented organisation.

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