Integrated Business Planning


With IBP, data relating to demand, inventory, production and procurement is consolidated across the entire supply chain. Agamus supports you in introducing coordinated SCM planning from different planning perspectives and integrating it sustainably into your overall corporate planning.

Integrated demand planning across the entire information chain, from sales and distribution to warehousing, production, purchasing and the finance department, is one of the necessary prerequisites for companies to meet market requirements and optimise the company's results. Integrated Business Planning is an important support for an efficient S&OP process.

Different planning information is brought together in IBP and serves as the basis for the overarching SC planning processes. For efficient planning, information on demand and resources must be exchanged continuously, transparently and quickly across the entire supply chain. Big data management and simulation options for various scenarios facilitate optimal decision-making.

Agamus supports companies with technical knowledge and expertise in the IT solution space. Furthermore, we accompany and involve your entire organisation in the transformation process in order to fully and efficiently utilise the potential of IBP.

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