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On the one hand, there is lean vision as a mission statement - where do you want to be in regards to lean implementation - on the other hand, there is lean vision as the accepted and committed link between executives and employees on their road to lean.


Derived from the vision, lean roadmap describes the company-specific way of achieving their goal(s): it defines the necessary actions in the domain of lean, and keeps resources in line with the goals and options. Every roadmap is different, just as much as no business model is interchangeable. Only a customized roadmap will guarantee success.


Lean-transformation starts with "learning to see" of the individuals and ends with an organisation that understands and uses lean as part of corporate acting of the entire organization. Lean can only succeed when lean knowledge is being instilled, applied and developed every day. We support you in the domains of lean development, lean production, lead administration and lean value chain on your road to an excellent lean enterprise.

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