Working Capital Management

Optimising working capital is an important field of action for securing liquidity and profits. In particular, the control and dimensioning of processing times and inventories play a decisive role. Agamus helps you to identify and activate the right levers along the supply chain.

The possibilities for optimising working capital along the supply chain are very diverse and are anchored in different areas of the company. Agamus focuses on the sustainable improvement of the cash-to-cash cycle through the starting points of processing times, adherence to delivery dates and inventories. To ensure sustainability and avoid conflicting goals, we check and improve your control loops and optimisation cycles, planning and control, adjust your scheduling parameters (e.g. batch sizes, minimum and safety stocks, target lead times, target ranges), check IT tools and optimise your key figures and their responsibilities.

Agamus supports you with many years of experience, tried-and-tested tools and methods to identify and maximise the relevant potential for improvement. We work together with all relevant stakeholders across all departments. In addition to ad-hoc measures for short-term improvements in results, we also work with you to implement sustainable optimisations for the long-term improvement of working capital.

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