Excellence thrives on dialogue. This belief and our experience have brought us together in the pursuit of Manufacturing Excellence.

Kar2er tours have been existing as a network for ManufacturingExcellence4Executives (me4e) for top executives in the industry in German-speaking countries since 2002. There are board members, managing directors or vice presidents, primarily international organizations or organizations with international business, who meet among their kind in the Kar2er ManufacturingExcellence4Executives, who are faced with the same or similar challenges and are looking for the best solutions. To this day, that is the linchpin of the network. Joining is only upon recommendation. Thus makes it possible to bring the right people together, to protect the collegial, appreciative exchange and to enable a dialogue beyond the facade.


We moderate the dialogue

Reflection in Action Kar2er Tour

Benchmark Visits & Best Practice Sharing

Intelligence & Calibration Workshops

The network for ManufacturingExcellence4Executives (me4e) is a joint initiative of Agamus Consult, Kurzeja & Cie and SEgroup.


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