Supply Chain oriented Organisations

In a global supply chain, the change to cross-location and cross-process responsibility in the organisation is an essential step. Agamus supports companies in the transformation of their supply chain organisation to meet the special requirements of a global footprint and the management of networked supply chains.

Global footprints and the resulting planning and management of networked supply chains place special demands on a company's organisation.

A great potential for optimisation lies in the design and organisation of these global and cross-divisional processes. The most suitable organisation, clearly defined responsibilities and synchronised goals are extraordinarily important success factors. Processes can only function efficiently in the right organisation. For many companies, therefore, a further development from a traditional division-oriented responsibility to a global and cross-process responsibility is necessary.

In organisational development, we use our many years of experience to provide optimal support for this sensitive change. In addition to involving all stakeholders, various fears of change and conflicting goals must be identified and resolved.

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