The necessary IT solutions (ERP, APS, IBP, MES, etc.) must optimally support the SCM processes and increase their transparency and efficiency. Agamus supports your departments in the requirements analysis, selection and implementation of IT systems. With our broad SCM experience, we offer you provider-independent support.

Experience shows that SCM IT solutions are only as good as the underlying processes. Together with your enterprise, Agamus optimises the interaction between IT systems and processes.

Without the use of modern IT solutions, complex and dynamic supply chains can only be managed with enormous personnel and cost efforts. An important factor in the selection of a suitable tool is its mapping respectively adaptability to your processes and your organisation.

In order to reduce the implementation effort and the need for individual customisation, as well as to ensure release compatibility, it may also be necessary to adapt your processes so that they remain within the IT standard with the available configuration options.

Together with you, we check your existing IT solutions for weak points and support you in the selection of suitable tools in order to set up a sustainable, future-oriented supply chain IT system. The focus is on the requirements of the departments and their users.

During the implementation phase, we ensure that your organisation is prepared for the IT integration and that the requirements of the departments are implemented, and the processes are adapted to the tool. In this way, we increase the acceptance of the solutions, minimise cost-intensive rework and enable your employees to use the solutions to their optimum.

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