Product Lifecycle Management

Efficiency along the product lifecycle

Presumably stable processes and projects can get in trouble due to various reasons. Many companies find it very difficult to get them back on track and running at maximum efficiency. Increasingly complex organisations, production networks and value-added chains in combination with plenty of innovations are asking for even higher requirements from target-orientated project management throughout the entire product life cycle. 

Basic principles of consistent tracking of action plans are a fast creation of transparency with precise indicators, structures and responsibilities. A customized combination of classic tools and the use of modern approaches is required to develop a consistent and goal-oriented approach. Our methods and tools, which have been tested in numerous projects and based on Lean principles, allow sufficient scope for adaptation to the respective framework conditions and guarantee high efficiency and continuity. This enables us to identify potential improvements quickly and define the appropriate approaches to reduce, development and product costs, to shorten throughput times in development or to increase product quality and productivity. We support the entire process from conception through piloting to rollout, series production and EOL.

With our profound methodological and social skills, we are able to get complex or critical projects back on track in an efficient manner. Due to our implementation skills in combination with professional expertise we make sure that our clients will receive real added value to their company success.

PLC Excellence Program

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