Supply Network Management

For high customer satisfaction and maximum efficiency, supply chains must be planned and controlled with all partners involved, i.e. customers, suppliers and service providers beyond company boundaries. A process and tool definition in the supply network enables dynamic adaptation to fluctuations in the supply chain.

High customer satisfaction, efficient processes, low inventories and short processing times require a consistent, instantaneous provision of relevant demand, capacity and inventory information in order to plan, control and optimise the flow of goods from procurement to customer delivery.

All members of the global supply network must react to dynamics in the value chain and anticipate the necessary capacities, inventories, bottlenecks and delivery times at an early stage.

A cross-company process and tool definition, both between different company locations and with external partners, ensures efficient communication and fast responsiveness. Agamus supports your goal of creating a robust, collaborative and transparent network at competitive costs.

On the procurement side, we work with you to define sourcing strategies, develop your suppliers and design service level agreements with the aim of minimising procurement costs and avoiding supply and capacity bottlenecks.

We design the global supply chains "end-to-end", taking into account the associated processes, the organisation as well as the evaluation of the IT systems and their interfaces.

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