Lean Value Chain

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  • Value Chain Agreements
  • Supplier Development
  • Lean Awareness-Raising
  • Footprint Analysis and Design

Lean Value Chain is the consequent expansion of the lean concept to the up- and downstream process steps of the value streams of a company. Production as the starting point of lean transformation takes the sandwich position pending on internal and external suppliers but still has to satisfy customer needs. Improvements can only be done in their jurisdiction so they are limited to a certain degree.

The challenges of optimising an intercompany value stream are the adjacent value streams because they cannot be influenced directly by your own enterprise or production department. Furthermore, there is sometimes a lack of understanding in some purchasing departments that purchasing is not just buying cheap but also influences the entire value chain regarding quality and potential risks. The sales side, in contrast, is usually driven by generating turnover and underestimates the complexity of value chains.

The strategy of “focusing on your own core competencies” frequently falls short of the mark and impedes a really strong competitive position. The ‘Automotive Lean Production’ – Award & Study initiative clearly shows that the best participants have the entire value chain on their lean road map, and thus create solutions which strengthen their business models sustainably. In international competition, it is not companies that compete against each other, but value chains.

The experts of Agamus support you on your way to a lean value chain. We will analyze your value chain and redesign it together with your employees. We will change the awareness of executives in purchasing, logistics and sales about the impact of non-adding-value. We will develop an organizational structure reflecting the value chain in cooperation with you. We will organize a systematic exchange of experiences within your company but also with excellent companies such as companies which have won an ‘Automotive Lean Production’ award.

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