Lean Administration

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  • Lean Administration Assessment
  • Lean Administration Roadmap
  • Lean Transformation in der Administration
  • Lean Training für Administration
  • Lean Controlling in der Administration
  • Lean Acceleration - Beschleunigung indirekter Prozesse
  • Lean Organisation - prozessorientierte Strukturen
  • Lean Administration Audit
  • Lean Administration Share Experience

Lean administration means to transfer the lean concept, which has originally been developed in production, to another area which does not have a physical flow of material and visible stocks evaluated in a company’s balance sheet. Therefore, the solution cannot be a simple transfer or equation of terms. The baseline is the focus on value adding and the prevention of all activities which do not add any value but will affect the cost side of the profit and loss statement and therefore lead to competitive disadvantages.

Successful companies, which have participated in the ‘Automotive Lean Production’ – Award & Study initiative, are expanding the lean philosophy into administrative areas after they have implemented lean principles to a large extent in production. Here you can find good examples in your company that show that introducing lean is worth doing. This will help convince your employees to implement lean in administrative areas.

The experts of Agamus support you on your road to lean administration. We will show you the “waste” in your administrative processes, redesign them across interfaces in close cooperation with you, and will thus achieve lead times which generate a marketable competitive edge in addition to cost advantages. We will change the awareness of your employees in regards to activities which do not add value and change their behavioural patterns. We will support your progress through auditing and coaching. We will organize a systematic exchange of experiences within your company but also with excellent companies such as companies which have won an ‘Automotive Lean Production’ award.

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