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  • Lean Road Map
  • Lean Transformation
  • Lean Programm Management
  • Lean Controlling
  • Lean Factory
  • Lean Training
  • Lean Audit
  • Lean Share Experience

Today, lean is not just “nice to have” or “me too” in production, but it is the only way to be competitive in the medium term when competing against other companies. This statement may sound harsh, but it is actually the truth in many cases. How do we know? The ‘Automotive Lean Production’ – Award & Study initiative has helped Agamus to generate in-depth and extensive knowledge on how successful companies operate and have operated but also on what makes them different from other, less successful companies.

We have had the chance to observe the development of many of the participating companies for several years. Successful companies apply lean in production as a strategic competitive factor, they have eliminated “components which do not create value” of their processes as far as possible and can rely on staff which is totally convinced about the lean concept and applies it to any processes in a constructive way. They do have an organizational structure that reflects the focus on value-adding activities and rethink their model of lean for a constant improvement.

The experts of Agamus support you on your way to lean production. We will review, revise or develop your lean vision in close cooperation with you and we will support you by training your organisation in this vision. Together with you we will develop the lean road map or create a new one and take over programme management, if applicable. We will train your staff at all levels so that they understand and experience the lean concept, know the most important lean tools, build the first lighthouses together with us and subsequently implement lean projects on their own. We will support your progress through auditing and coaching. Moreover, we will make sure that you achieve an optimal benefit/cost ratio.

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