Lean Development

Our services:

  • Lean Development Assessment
  • Lean Training for Product and Process Development
  • Lean Development Acceleration
  • Lean Supplier Readiness
  • Lean Launch Management
  • Lean KPIs and Reporting
  • Strategy and complexity management
  • Program Management

During the product and process development, decisions are being made in a company, that often have a significant impact on the entire value chain. Without considering the lean principles, there is the risk that the further development regarding lean of these areas might be limited, or sometimes even “capped”, for many years. Complexity management and stable processes are just two examples in this context.

As a result of the current trend to try to occupy even the smallest market niche as rapidly as possible, there is the risk that the variety of components will rapidly increase disproportionately. Our ‘Automotive Lean Production’ – Award & Study initiative clearly shows that excellent companies identify ways and methods to reduce the complexity as far as possible and to manage the remaining complexity effectively.

All successful companies have established standards which define their product and technology development processes. However, to “define” does not necessarily mean to “implement”. A basic principle which Agamus also preaches within the scope of its trainings during the transformation phase is: “Only use stable processes and mature technologies in series”. The reality tells us a different story.

The experts of Agamus are not able and not willing to develop your products, but they will help you to do so according to lean criteria, complying with your standards. We will change the awareness of non adding value of your employees and change their behaviour patterns. We will revise your development processes and establish continuous improvement. We will develop auditing systems which provide direct feedback to the management on this strategically important issue.
We will help you integrate customer orientation and standardization in the future.

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