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Since 2017 the Forum for Digitized Industry has been supporting industrial companies to successfully perform their digital transformation in the context of Industry 4.0.

"Digitization as a consequent advancement of lean forms the basis for future competitiveness." 

Ralf Zajewski, Vice President Digital Factory, Osram GmbH

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Find out which companies have succesfully implemented IIoT-applications.

The Forum for Digitized Industry provides orientation for companies in the discrete and process industry, so that they do not miss the digital opportunity - even if they don't have resources for realizing cost- and resource-intensive research projects. Therefore, we offer processed knowledge - expert articles and best practices - plus an overview of relevant opportunities to digitize. 

The second declared aim of the forum is to connect industrial companies with technology providers of smart applications, without intermediaries and free of charge. Therefore, already last year, we created a modular kit including software, hardware and complete system solutions from market leaders and start-up companies – numerous providers are presenting their applications on the platform – neutrally and impartially:

The idea of the forum for smart applications finds its origin in the industry and is willing to establish itself as initiative of and for manufacturing companies. Being confronted with the term industry 4.0, decision-makers in the operation fields – manufacturing, supply chain management, industrialization – must take action. Behind the idea of industry 4.0 are often hidden keywords, visions and future promises. The forum is all about the here and now and answering the question, how to increase customer satisfaction, quality and efficiency through digitization.

Read more about the initiative – become a provider on our platform!

Conclusion: the platform is a compass for companies of discrete and manufacturing industry that don't want to miss out on the digital ‘revolution’. It is supposed to become a community for providers, interested parties as well as manufacturer of digitized industry; because we believe that creating the future can only happen together - by joint collaboration and creativity. 

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