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Date: Thursday, November 19th, 2020
Time: 9:00 - 12:00 CET
Language: English

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COVID-19 – A booster for Industry 4.0?

How is the automotive industry currently responding to uncertainties and volatility?

Together with the IVECO plant manager in Valladolid José Manuel Jaquototot and his Lean/Industry 4.0 chief expert Pablo Blanco Tazon, we want to talk about strategies in times of COVID-19, look at the current state of digitization at the Valladolid plant and, of course, at lots of best practices - in line with our motto "Learning from the best".

Our speakers

José Manuel Jaquotot

Plant Manager, Iveco Valladolid

Pablo Blanco Tazon

WCM Plant Support / WCM Expert


Part 1: Online Visit at IVECO
Discover the spirit of Iveco, embrace the power of World Class Manufacturing

by Mr. José Manuel Jaquotot

  • Welcome and presentation of the company
  • Valladolid plant strategy and world class manufacturing (WCM)
  • Best practice sharing
  • COVID-19 re-start strategy
  • WCM-Methodology in volatile times

Part 2:
Industry 4.0 – Iveco Valladolid – Leading Plant for connected industry in Spain, awarded by the Spanish ministry of industry
by Pablo Blanco Tazon

  • The approach of Industry 4.0 – Valladolid octopus strategy & 7 steps of digitalization
  • Overview of digital technologies applied per WCM pillar
  • Presentation of many use cases (maintenance, quality, intra-logistic, shop-floor, …)
  • Advance academy – digital training center
  • Outlook on new technologies and possible next steps for Valladolid
  • COVID-19 - A booster for digitalization?

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