Smart Digital Operations

To the next level of efficiency with digitization

Our services:

  • Digital Readiness Program
  • Digital Ops Bootcamp
  • eVSD – enhanced Value Stream Design
  • Smart Factory Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Transformation & Culture

Digital Transformation requires operative, stategic and innovative decisions – and last but not least, perseverance. With our field of consulting, Smart Digital Operations, we put your added value into focus of digital transformation.

In times of Industry 4.0, we are your pragmatic partner at your side. For us counts the here-and-now! Industry 4.0 can’t only be a sole vision for the future - already nowadays smart and efficient processes focused on customer needs, quality and effectivity are required to reach operational excellence by digitalisation. We prepare your organisation for the change, from digital culture to leadership 4.0, to ensure your harmonic transition into the digital era.

With our holistic knowledge of supply chains, order processing, production, maintenance and industrialization with all aspects and our deep understanding of technologies and trends we serve as your reliable partner. Steadily updated by our initiative smart applications (free knowledge database with i4.0 solutions) and cooperations with researchers and smart factories in Germany, we position ourselves at the interfaces between departments and business groups and ensure a constructive and solution-oriented collaboration of IT and operation departments.

We support you during the implementation of pre-defined digitalisation activities. This includes for example the drafting and development of prerequisites of your departments and the creation of blue prints based on best practice processes. We accompany the whole process – beginning with tendering until final operational implementation by using an agile project management methodology. Our broad project experience with ERP, MES, APS and IBP with market leader SAP and other niche providers facilitates this process.

In particular we support you during the conception and operationalisation phase of company-wide digital roadmaps for achieving Smart Digital Operations. Here we utilize the human-centred and creativity-encouraging Design Thinking methodology as well as our decade-long experience with Lean Management principles and methods to develop our solutions.

On your digital road to success we will accompany you with our three-stage approach: Understand – Explore - Design.

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