Process Mining

Optimal transparency and optimization of your business processes

Discover unknown potentials with system data: this is what Process Mining promises. Because business processes are often more complex, more varied and less transparent than at first glance. Process Mining offers the possibility of reconstructing and analysing business processes on the basis of digital footprints, identifying weak points and carrying out best-case studies.

Our experienced Operational Excellence consultants and certified Data Scientists will support you in discovering the reality of your processes. With our expertise in business process reengineering and lean management, we develop the promises of the software, which is provided in close cooperation with the industry leader Celonis, into concrete use cases.

Sustainability is one of our declared goals: Process Mining is not an expert topic - we focus on a deep involvement of your employees in order to close the gaps in your processes together with you.

Digitalization for more process efficiency: Write your own success story!

Triple benefit


Your business processes are visualized, important KPIs are recorded and links to relevant meta data are drawn. So that you always have an overview of your processes and recognize deviations promptly, important key figures are clearly displayed in dashboards.

Targeted process optimization

Based on the results, relevant weak points are identified and optimization strategies are determined: Avoidance of redundancies, unnecessary idle times, manual rework and bottlenecks. Secure competitive advantages through automation and standardization of process steps!

Sustainable optimization

In order to ensure transparency in the long term, we consolidate constant monitoring and reporting concepts. With the help of artificial intelligence and self-learning software, system-supported problems are detected, solutions are proposed and effects on processes are tracked. (Intelligent communication platforms promote the exchange between all stakeholders and simplify communication channels).

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