Supply chain strategy

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  • Supply Chain Quick Check
  • Supply Chain SCOR®-Assessment
  • Supply Chain Strategy Development
  • Make or Buy Strategy
  • Manufacturing Strategy
  • Supply Chain Excellence Roadmap
  • Supply Chain Transformation
  • Supply Chain system of indicators

Interpretation of the supply chain strategy
Agamus supports industrial companies in generating an overall benefit by designing their value chains in a well-balanced way, taking account of stakeholder expectations, customer requirements and competitive positioning. Agamus’ expertise in this field is bundled in its consulting practice “Supply Chain Strategy”. The supply chain strategy comprises several levels ranging from the cross-company configuration of the value network – supply chain design – to supply chain execution – the stipulation of supply chain targets and their conceptual implementation in the main processes PLAN, SOURCE, MAKE and DELIVER.

Based on the corporate strategy and the customer requirements as well as by taking account of future technological and market developments, the supply chain strategy, which acts as cross-functional tool, enables a smooth interaction between the functional sales, production and procurement strategies.

A successful supply chain strategy is characterized by the activation of the appropriate levers in terms of operations to achieve the supply chain targets, some of which might be competing, such as for instance, reduction of the capital employed (inventories) and increase in the responsiveness (delivery times). In addition to the planning and implementation of concrete improvement measures, an efficient supply chain indicator system will support the measurement of the overall performance as well as a targeted performance management. Combined with a stringent, top-down initiated supply chain strategy identification process the environment for achieving supply chain excellence will have been created.

In terms of the methodology used, our consulting services are based on the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR®) model, which Agamus has adjusted to the manufacturing industry.

The experts of Agamus support you in implementing a best practice sales & operations planning process, in selecting appropriate supply planning strategies and planning systems as well as in designing and implementing an integrated process architecture ranging from revenue/sales planning (forecasting, demand planning) to shopfloor management (e.g. Kanban, Heijunka solutions).

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