Integrated Planning and Sales & Operations Planning Process

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Integrated Planning and Sales & Operations Planning Process
The operational planning process is the backbone of any supply chain. It has an impact on all KPI´s of the supply chain: delivery reliability, responsiveness, adaptability, expenses and capital employed. However, despite this huge impact, the knowledge about the benefits of integrated planning and about the optimal design of planning activities is limited.

Integrated planning enables companies to prepare for customer needs in an optimal way by managing their resources dynamically. It is characterized by integrated planning levels, integrated IT-supported processes, and an efficient sales & operations planning process where emerging target conflicts within a company are addressed proactively and continuously at the management level.

The experts of Agamus support you in implementing a best practice sales & operations planning process, in selecting appropriate supply planning strategies and planning systems as well as in designing and implementing an integrated process architecture ranging from revenue/sales planning (forecasting, demand planning) to shopfloor management (e.g. Kanban, Heijunka solutions).

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