Supply Chain Integration

Our services:

  • Supply chain segmentation and configuration
  • Cross-company process design and alignment of responsibilities (organization)
  • Supplier management and development
  • Sourcing strategies and procurement optimization
  • Supply network controlling

To achieve a profitable growth or at least to exist in a globalized economy, companies have to retain their customer, stay focussed on their core competencies and join strategic partnerships in international value networks. Agamus uses the term “supply chain integration” to describe the upstream and downstream expansion of value chains by means of integrating additional supply chain members – customers, suppliers, and service providers. Value chains across companies will create new opportunities but they will also lead to new challenges.

Companies will be able to increase their turnover, improve planning and thus reduce delivery times as well as resource employment by means of upstream integration. Integrating suppliers and service providers, however, will enable companies to outsource activities that do not add value, to reduce procurement costs and raw material supplies as well as to balance capacity bottlenecks.

The challenges of integration include the strategic issue of “what kind of cooperation is desirable” as well as some operational issues such as rigid structures, conservative behaviours, missing employee competencies, heterogeneous IT systems and a lack of transparency within the supply chain.

Agamus supports you in the end-to-end design of processes, organizational issues, IT systems and interfaces: market requirements and customer requests will be integrated into the process improvement efforts; purchasing will improve its strategy; suppliers will be developed, material and information flows will be optimized in an integrated way, and self-operated control loops will be established at the interfaces.

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