Increasing Agility

Our services:

  • Profitability band
  • Global, agile Footprint
  • Variety management and order penetration points
  • Flexible service provision system (incl. Make or Buy)
  • Process-oriented organization
  • Flexible working time and remuneration models

Our customers are increasingly confronted with fast-moving, global and volatile markets. Dealing with cyclical increases in sales volumes and the ability to absorb decreases in sales volumes in a cost-efficient way will progressively become decisive criteria for ensuring profitability and competitiveness. The additional challenges resulting from a wide range of varieties, short development cycles and thus short industrialization cycles as well as specific customer requirements do no longer only play an important role with respect to FMCG or the automotive industry, but they have also become an issue for medium-sized industrial companies. These companies, in particular, are facing risks threatening their existence or pass opportunities to competitors which have already entered international markets.

Agamus is an innovative and result-oriented partner of its customers and classifies the solutions that have either been designed in an interdisciplinary and integrated way or individually under the term “increasing agility”. To us, agility is not only the flexibility of a company, but also the ability to adjust itself and relevant sections of the supply chain in order to be able to act proactively to market and product changes as well as changes in the competitive environment.

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