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Agamus has been supporting and paving the road to successful for "excellence in lean" for about 20 years - across all industries and always in close cooperation with our clients, using our extensive experience in the sectors of production, administration, value chain and development.

Our 'Automotive Lean Production' – Award & Study is leading in Europe. We thoroughly manage knowledge gained this way and specifically give it to our consultants as well as to our clients across all industries. Our studies clearly show: excellent companies manage their 'way' with a distinct lean-vision, a comprehensive lean-roadmap as well as an in-depth and complete lean-transformation. 



Lean Development

During the product and process development, decisions are being made in a company, that often have a significant impact on the entire value chain. Without considering the lean principles, there is the risk that the further development regarding lean of these areas might be limited, or sometimes even “capped”, for many years. Complexity management and stable processes are just two examples in this context.

As a result of the current trend to try to occupy even the smallest market niche as rapidly as possible, there is the risk that the variety of components will rapidly increase disproportionately. Our ‘Automotive Lean Production’ – Award & Study initiative clearly shows that excellent companies identify ways and methods to reduce the complexity as far as possible and to manage the remaining complexity effectively.

All successful companies have established standards which define their product and technology development processes. However, to “define” does not necessarily mean to “implement”. A basic principle which Agamus also preaches within the scope of its trainings during the transformation phase is: “Only use stable processes and mature technologies in series”. The reality tells us a different story.

The experts of Agamus are not able and not willing to develop your products, but they will help you to do so according to lean criteria, complying with your standards. We will change the awareness of non adding value of your employees and change their behaviour patterns. We will revise your development processes and establish continuous improvement. We will develop auditing systems which provide direct feedback to the management on this strategically important issue.

We will help you integrate customer orientation and standardization in the future.

Our services:

  • Lean Development Assessment
  • Lean Training for Product and Process Development
  • Lean Development Acceleration
  • Lean Supplier Readiness
  • Lean Launch Management
  • Lean KPIs and Reporting
  • Strategy and complexity management
  • Program Management

Lean Production

Today, lean is not just “nice to have” or “me too” in production, but it is the only way to be competitive in the medium term when competing against other companies. This statement may sound harsh, but it is actually the truth in many cases. How do we know? The ‘Automotive Lean Production’ – Award & Study initiative has helped Agamus to generate in-depth and extensive knowledge on how successful companies operate and have operated but also on what makes them different from other, less successful companies.

We have had the chance to observe the development of many of the participating companies for several years. Successful companies apply lean in production as a strategic competitive factor, they have eliminated “components which do not create value” of their processes as far as possible and can rely on staff which is totally convinced about the lean concept and applies it to any processes in a constructive way. They do have an organizational structure that reflects the focus on value-adding activities and rethink their model of lean for a constant improvement.

The experts of Agamus support you on your way to lean production. We will review, revise or develop your lean vision in close cooperation with you and we will support you by training your organisation in this vision. Together with you we will develop the lean road map or create a new one and take over programme management, if applicable. We will train your staff at all levels so that they understand and experience the lean concept, know the most important lean tools, build the first lighthouses together with us and subsequently implement lean projects on their own. We will support your progress through auditing and coaching. Moreover, we will make sure that you achieve an optimal benefit/cost ratio.

Our services

  • Lean Assessment
  • Lean Vision and Strategy
  • Lean Road Map
  • Lean Transformation
  • Lean Program Management
  • Lean Controlling
  • Lean Factory
  • Lean Training
  • Lean Audit
  • Lean Share Experience

Lean Value Chain

Lean Value Chain is the consequent expansion of the lean concept to the up- and downstream process steps of the value streams of a company. Production as the starting point of lean transformation takes the sandwich position pending on internal and external suppliers but still has to satisfy customer needs. Improvements can only be done in their jurisdiction so they are limited to a certain degree.

The challenges of optimising an intercompany value stream are the adjacent value streams because they cannot be influenced directly by your own enterprise or production department. Furthermore, there is sometimes a lack of understanding in some purchasing departments that purchasing is not just buying cheap but also influences the entire value chain regarding quality and potential risks. The sales side, in contrast, is usually driven by generating turnover and underestimates the complexity of value chains.

The strategy of “focusing on your own core competencies” frequently falls short of the mark and impedes a really strong competitive position. The ‘Automotive Lean Production’ – Award & Study initiative clearly shows that the best participants have the entire value chain on their lean road map, and thus create solutions which strengthen their business models sustainably. In international competition, it is not companies that compete against each other, but value chains.

The experts of Agamus support you on your way to a lean value chain. We will analyze your value chain and redesign it together with your employees. We will change the awareness of executives in purchasing, logistics and sales about the impact of non-adding-value. We will develop an organizational structure reflecting the value chain in cooperation with you. We will organize a systematic exchange of experiences within your company but also with excellent companies such as companies which have won an ‘Automotive Lean Production’ award.

Our services:

  • Value Chain Assessment
  • Value Chain Project
  • Value Chain Agreements
  • Supplier Development
  • Lean Awareness-Raising
  • Footprint Analysis and Design

Lean Administration

Lean administration means to transfer the lean concept, which has originally been developed in production, to another area which does not have a physical flow of material and visible stocks evaluated in a company’s balance sheet. Therefore, the solution cannot be a simple transfer or equation of terms. The baseline is the focus on value adding and the prevention of all activities which do not add any value but will affect the cost side of the profit and loss statement and therefore lead to competitive disadvantages.

Successful companies, which have participated in the ‘Automotive Lean Production’ – Award & Study initiative, are expanding the lean philosophy into administrative areas after they have implemented lean principles to a large extent in production. Here you can find good examples in your company that show that introducing lean is worth doing. This will help convince your employees to implement lean in administrative areas.

The experts of Agamus support you on your road to lean administration. We will show you the “waste” in your administrative processes, redesign them across interfaces in close cooperation with you, and will thus achieve lead times which generate a marketable competitive edge in addition to cost advantages. We will change the awareness of your employees in regards to activities which do not add value and change their behavioural patterns. We will support your progress through auditing and coaching. We will organize a systematic exchange of experiences within your company but also with excellent companies such as companies which have won an ‘Automotive Lean Production’ award.

Our services:

  • Lean Administration Assessment
  • Lean Administration Road Map
  • Lean Transformation in Administration
  • Lean Training for Administration
  • Lean Controlling in Administration
  • Lean Acceleration
  • Lean Organization
  • Lean Administration Audit
  • Lean Administration Share Experience


On the one hand, there is lean vision as a mission statement - where do you want to be in regards to lean implementation - on the other hand, there is lean vision as the accepted and committed link between executives and employees on their road to lean.


Derived from the vision, lean roadmap describes the company-specific way of achieving their goal(s): it defines the necessary actions in the domain of lean, and keeps resources in line with the goals and options. Every roadmap is different, just as much as no business model is interchangeable. Only a customized roadmap will guarantee success.


Lean-transformation starts with "learning to see" of the individuals and ends with an organisation that understands and uses lean as part of corporate acting of the entire organization. Lean can only succeed when lean knowledge is being instilled, applied and developed every day. We support you in the domains of lean development, lean production, lead administration and lean value chain on your road to an excellent lean enterprise.

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