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'Learning from the best!' is the official motto of the Automotive Lean Production Award, which Agamus Consult awards annually in cooperation with the industry magazineAutomobil Produktion, the industry’s trade journal for the automobile and automotive supply industry. The best performers of the Europe-wide benchmark study will be honoured.

Agamus Consult andAutomobil Produktion started to analyse the Toyota myth in the spring of 2006. At this time, the automotive industry was still amazed about how Toyota was pushing its suppliers to "0-defect" and just-in-time (JIT). This scepticism has disappeared in the meantime and the entire industry has started to design its value chains according to the principles of lean production systems - and this with such a success, that even made the „master" Toyota sit up.

Key facts

More than 1.350 participating plants from 19 countries

More than 290 evaluation visits to the top performers

87 winning plants in total

Right from the beginning, the study was designed to update the trend and to establish a benchmark. It shows the approaches which the European automotive industry takes to identify and eliminate waste, the steps which are critical to implement the lean vision successfully, and the outcomes which will be enabled by the application of lean methods and tools. Due to its structure, the continuously developed benchmark can also be applied to any other industries – true to the motto “learning from the best!”

The highlight of the initiative is the annual presentation of the Automotive Lean Production Awards, which are considered by many to be one of the most important awards in the automotive industry. As part of a two-day congress, the best performers of the individual categories will present their lean concepts and strategies.

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Award 2018

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Automotive Lean Production – Award & Study is a cooperation between the industry magazine Automobil Produktion and Agamus Consult GmbH, Munich. Agamus Consult has served automotive enterprises as an implementation consultancy for more than 25 years.

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